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Sweet D’cor was founded on the premise that every occasion warrants being celebrated with a cake representative of its purpose or reason for being.  Sweet D’cor is a Specialty Cake and Event Company offering an array of products and services to ensure your special day is purely unique and customizable.  We pride ourselves on a clean and crisp product, offering high end couture cakes for any occasion.   Sweet D’cor is also largely focused on finding differentiating ways to connect with clients through offerings that include, but are not limited to, edible showcases, parties, classes and a Build Your Cake line that allows you to explore and create your cake in the comfort of your own home.

Co-Founders, Donna and Alli met as specialty decorators for a local bakery; a fortunate encounter that needed no time to prosper.  

Donna has always had a creative edge.  After dabbling in many art forms, she finally explored and found her true artistry through cake design after realizing how naturally it came to her.  Once having raised her three children, Donna attended the ICE Culinary Institute and entered back into the workforce as the fondant decorator for a local bakery where she later met and worked alongside Alli.  

Alli studied business at SUNY New Paltz and as hobby decorator, later decided to redirect her career after 5 years with a large Accounting firm to pursue a passion in cake decorating.  She attended the International Culinary Center for Cake Design in NYC and later worked as a fondant decorator for a local bakery before venturing off with Donna to start Sweet D’cor Inc.

While Donna and Alli stem from very different paths, one thing that remains constant is their passion for decorating, the vision for Sweet D’cor and the way the two largely complement one other.


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